Church History

Jerusalem Marthoma Church Perumpetty

Origin and growth of permpetty Jerusalem Marthoma Church

Due to unique vision of our ancestors a place for  worship started at Perumpetty which is certainly the hardwork, enthusiasm and unity of the people of this place.

This place is situated at North of Ayiroor. Perumpetty was fertile land and also forest area,with beautiful hills,streamsand paddy field. This place is in Pathanamthitta Dist,Mallappally Thaluk and Kottanadu Panchayathu.About 170 years ago it is believed that, the majority of hardworking farmers came here from various parts of Kerala and cultivated the land after clearing Trees,bushers of forest. The Syrian Christians among those people had no place for worship and hence they compelled to walk down to Ayiroor about 15 km away from this place for attending the worship. There was only  one Church nearby.

Rev.C.P.Philipose Kassissa’s attention was focused towards the people saying at this place. He did not forget to visit the Christians family staying here. He alightened the people through spiritual speak. Achen had tried his level best to unite the people of this Chunkappara, Athyal, Methanam, Arayozham, and Kandenperoor. Achen had given special attention to establish a Church at Perumpetty with those Christians staying above places. The inauguration ceremony of newly constructed church building had held by The.Most.Rev.Titus llnd  Marthoma Metropolitan accociated by Rt.Rev.Abraham Marthoma Suffragan Metropoltitan. This ceremony was also witnessed by Rev.C.P.Abraham Kassessa and who had subsequently appointed as the priest of this Church.

We have also constructed a beautiful parish hall in the year of 1995 and the blessing ceremony has been held on 15th  June 1995 by our Most.Rev.Dr.Philipose Mar Chrisostom Suffragon Metropolitan of Ranni-Nilackal Diocese.

The present Church building has been constructed and consecrated on 27th September 2008 by our Diocesan Episcopa Rt.Rev.Geeverghese Mar Athanasius Thirumeni.

It is not out of place to repeat here about the hardworking,dedication and enthusiasm of our parish members and other wellwishers  who were devoted their might to complete the church building. Over and above the blessing of our Almighty has been with us always.